Replica Piaget Watches

By: Warner | Date: December 22, 2015 | Categories: replica watches

9Piaget carve the new way and employ gold embroidery into making watches, which reflects, in another way, its great innovation and imagination. Inheriting fine traditions, it carves a new field and expands the frontier of watch making and thus great works are built. First, silk are tightened into the frame and then craft masters apply the gold embroidery into it and knots a spiral shape with golden strings, and knots the details into the silk with great patience. Then a great art is created. This Altiplano Gold Embroidery has two editions: the white are fresh while black is sober and grave. Altiplano has a simple as a great space of it is used to indicate time, the embroidery is in the right down place. the cinnamon branches on the dial is sewed with golden strings and it took 4 fours to finish the sewing and cost three meters of golden strings to achieve that.

Piaget Novelties
In order to celebrate 140th anniversary, Piaget replica watches quality launched this Altiplano 38mm 900O ultra-thin watch in memory of the first ultra-thin movement—9p– developing in 1957. 9p only reaches 2 mm in terms of the thickness and it paved the way for Piaget’s developing on ultra-thin movements. In 1960, Piaget broke the record with 12p whose thickness reaches an amazing 2.3 mm and becomes the world’s thinnest movement back then. Actually, the biggest secrets hides inside the case. case button also serves as the main plate and the movement and case has been connected. Facing such a complicate structure, the movement need to change upside down so that the protection bridge can be set on the other side of the high end replica watches. In order to make it look more beautiful, Piaget compressed the space to insert more components and display then in a graceful way.