Since the establishment of Rolex, it has gone through for more than 100 years, and Rolex has become one of the best-selling watches in the world, which are loved by consumers all over the world. In China’s major cities, it is also very easy to see the figure of Rolex. Rolex has good quality and superb skill, which is regarded as the synonym of “accuracy”. Rolex automatic watches all the more stand for their superb craftsmanship and design. Let us have a look of the automatic Rolex watch together.


Which are Rolex automatic watches?

The Rolex automatic watches can bring much convenience to the people who use them. It is no longer for you to worry that the battery will be used up or the problems of winding the watch.


So what kind of a Rolex watch is an automatic watch? In fact, most of Rolex watches are automatic such as Datejust, Submariner, Green Glass, Daytona series and so on. And some of the Cellini watches are manual-winding series, and these styles are not automatic watches.


ROLEX-MILGAUSS series 116400-72400 white mechanical men’s watch


This Rolex watch is made of automatic mechanical movement, ensuring you a permanent accurate Chronograph Watch. ROLEX-MILGAUSS costs a large quantity of money (51830RMB) However, it worthies this price. ROLEX-MILGAUSS is made of slap-up automatic movement, whose watchcase is made of 904L stainless materials. The cover of the watch is made of slap-up sapphire crystal. The color of the watch is light as a whole, which makes its brown time scale highlight from the grey watch. And it is also show the characteristic of the accuracy of Rolex time. What is more, its water resistant reaches to a depth of 100 meters, and it has luminous dial, which is more convenient to people when they use it in the dark.